Death and a Cure

Oceans, Lovers & Empires

by Death and a Cure

Released 2012
Released 2012
Alternative Folk driven by smooth lilting melodies backed predominantly by intricate acoustic guitar and tasty harmonies.
This is my debut album, 3 years in the making and it is finally complete. It's called 'Oceans, Lovers & Empires' and shows a bit of a snap shot of what life has been like for me for those years. There are a couple of tear jerkers in there, some that will make you smile but for the most part it is quite peaceful and relaxing music. Over the past few years I have had a lot of time to take a backseat and look at the strange things I do, the obsessions and facinations I have. At times what seems to be on my mind is the centre of the universe, but learning to step back away from the vast oceans that seam so drown my thoughts, apart from the objects of my often unrequited affection and out of the empires I was taught to define myself within, has helped me see things in perspective, cherish those that love me and slow down to enjoy the world as it is and as I am.

Death and a Cure is the solo project of Ben Blondel (also known for his role as the singer of post-hardcore outfit In League)

'Oceans, Lovers & Empires'
Recorded and produced by Chad Blondel at Chad Blondel Studios
Mastered by Don Bartley at Benchmark Studios
All songs written and performed by Ben Blondel
With guest appearances from Chad Blondel, Duanne Orriss and Adriana Tegova